Looking back to the 19th Century the Eagles can be seen to be a significant family in the Hooke Family ancestry. 14. P A and M J Eagles 1864 just marriedcomp2The key relationships are the marriage of Philip Eagles to Mary Jane Hills in 1864 (right), the marriage of their daughter Rose Mary Eagles to Ralph Oakden in 1899 and the marriage of their eldest daughter Elaine to Cyril Hooke in India in 1926.  The photographic record of this family is quite extensive and photo portraits on little cards dating back to the 1860s have survived. These reveal a well-to-do family with their roots in Kent.

Philip Augustus Eagles is the most significant and enduring character in this story, born in Tunbridge in 1838, the ninth son of ten children born to William Barnfather and Marianne Eagles.

16. Mr W B Eagles 1866compWe will begin with William Barnfather (left) who was described in the last census (1871) before he died in 1879, as a farmer. Previously he was called a Fundholder and Proprietor of Houses (1851). In the 1841 census he was describd as of "independent means" and was living with his wife Marianne, both aged 35, in Maidstone Kent with eight sons aged between 4 (Philip) and 15. Their one daughter, Marianne, was not at home on the night of that census. Later she married Arthur Daley but she would only have been  about 13 at the time so that can't be the reason for her absence from the record. Their were two other members of the household, presumably servants, Sarah Calloway (17) and Elizabeth Gibson (50-54).

Ten years later, in 1851, Marianne (aged 23) (right) was now at home with her parents, four brothers and two 7. Marianne Eaglescompservants in Tavistock Place, St Pancras. The 13 year old Philip was now studying at St Paul's School to which, 60 years later, his grandson, Cyril Hooke, earned a scholarship.

William Barnfather's wife, Marianne (below left), seems to have had the maiden name "Crisp" or "Crispens" and the oldest photograph that has survived features her mother (below). 

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5. RMO Great Grandmother Crispenscomp

15. Mrs W B Marianne Eagles 1863comp

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