MildredPalaceadjcompThe greatest recognition of Mildred Hooke's achievements came with the award of the OBE in the New Year's Honours List of 1953, announced on 30th December 1952. Perhaps it had added significance as this was the first Honours List since the accession of Queen Elizabeth II. MIldred was now already a respected JP in Bradford.

Here is how her name appears in the Wikipedia list:

Mildred Alice Hooke, J.P., Headmistress, Bradford Girls' Grammar School.

The taking of this photo, as Mildred pauses outside Buckingham Palace, is described below by Ella, one of Mildred's sisters.

By coincidence, one of her pupils from her earliest years of teaching, Christine Savery, received the MBE on the same day! Here is a transcript of a letter Mildred wrote to her former pupil:


27 - 1 - 53

Dear Christine

How delightful that we should share this occasion! I am so much pleased about your decoration & I thank you all for your congratulations on mine. How good those K.E. days were! It was a pleasure to have news of you all. I remember you well. I wonder whether by good fortune we shall meet at the Palace. I have heard to-day that I am to go there on Feb. 24. Do let me hear about you.

With greetings & most kind remembrances to you all,  

Mildred Hooke

Two of Mildred's sisters, Ella and Trixie were given tickets for the presentation at Buckingham Palace. Here is Ella's detailed description of the occasion, including an extraordinarily detailed description of the beautiful, young Queen Elizabeth.


Ellas description of M receiving OBE WEB


A year later Mildred retired from teaching. The following tribute was published in the Bradford Boys' Grammar School magazine. 

Mildred retired to Cambridge to Crossways Cottage, a beautiful home in Kingston. Two of her great lifetime friends were Lady Carol Farren and her husband Sir William, a great pioneer of aviation in the 20th Century. His story is told here. Shortly after Carol's sad death, Mildred took the momentous step for a lady in her 70s of marrying Sir William and becoming Lady Farren. By this time Sir William's health was deteriorating and for the larger part of their marriage all reports state how faithfully Mildred cared for the ailing knight. He died in 1970 and Mildred a few years later in 1977.  

MildredDeath1977webMildred Standard 8 outside the Farmers Cottage Norfolk 1955 WEBMuch of my research on my Great Aunt MIldred, Lady Farren, was complete when a thick envelope marked "Mildred" came into my possession. This had been retained by her younger sister Ella and then, on her death, passed on to my Granny Hooke, after whose death it then passed into the possession of my Uncle John Hooke, and now to me.The envelope contained the greatest possible tribute to a notable lady; seventeen letters from people, staff and pupils who had  so greatly appreciated her, and wrote to express this, on hearing of her death.

I have transcribed two of them here, referring back to Mildred's days teaching in Birmingham. You can read the rest of these letters of affection here. They are a great tribute to a wonderful lady but it is sad to think that, in these days of electronic communication, it is unlikely that such tributes of current generations will endure in this way, even if they are expressed.

Finally, below is an assorted album of 18 photos derived from many sources showing my Great Aunt Mildred enjoying happy days with her family: her brother Cyril, sisters Ella & Trixie, and later on with my own Dad George (her nephew), my Mum Valerie and me (Graham) and my twin sister (Kathy) when we were babies.

Sir William and Lady Mildred Farren / Hooke 





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