Like many of his generation, Cyril did not speak about his war experiences, at least not to any of us, his grandchildren. It was only years after he died that a notebook he had written and illustrated came to light, describing his experience on the front line in France during 1917-1918 when he earned the Military Cross for great bravery under fire.

Sadly the notebook has gone missing and we only have a few photos of the drawings Cyril made. Click below to see each in turn.


Late in 1918 he removed this gunsight from a German gun and brought it home. It forms part of a small collection of artefacts from his wartime experiences. (Click each image for detail)

A significant number of military documents survived and photos will be added here in due course.



Lt C G Hooke - Military Cross & Military Record

Major C G Hooke - Off to India

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