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You have found a Hooke family website featuring the Hookes of Lostock Hall and their family history. It will be of most interest to the wider Hooke family, my brothers and sisters, my children and theirs, our grandchildren and future generations. What you find here is very largely the result of the foresight (or hoarding instinct!) of my grandmother, Elaine Hooke, who was the last of her generation, liviing to the age of 98. 

As each of my granny's generation died and she had to sort out their effects, instead of dumping everything, she carefully saved photo albums, letters, artefacts and correspondence dating back to the mid 19th century. She bundled up letters with string and labelled boxes and then, when she had to go into a nursing home in the 1990s, the boxes were transferred from Bexhill to my parents' large house in Lytham St Annes. There they remained until Dad died in 2015 and Mum in 2018. Over recent years I have gone through this amazing family archive, realising that the only realistic way to make our family history accessible to the wider family was to put it online.  More here....


All images used on this site are either my own family photographs or Hooke family archive source material, except for a small number of images where stated.

In the latter case, these are either public domain images or images designated as free for public use, sometimes under specific conditions which I have sought to fulfil.

We love the Lake District. We also have very special reason for loving China. That's why these particular photos are featured on our home page along with an outline plan of the chief strands of the Hooke family ancestry dating back to the 14th Century.

Our family tree is not published on this website and is not avialable by weblinks. I have developed this tree separately using My Heritage resources and currently have over 2,000 names in the tree. The data there informs this website and vice versa. If family members would like access to the family tree please contact me at graham@hooke.org.uk.


       George R Hooke   and   Valerie P Hooke              Cyril G Hooke      and     Elaine M Hooke             George A Hooke    and      Ellen Hooke     


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  Sir William Farren and  Lady Mildred Farren/Hooke

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Click on the photos to find out more about each of these family members.

Site Development Notes:

November 2018: Completed pages about 2nd Lt C G Hooke's WW1 experiences, his War Diary and letters from the BEF, all completed just in time for the Centenary Remembrance Day 2018, commemorating the signing of the Armistice.

August 2018: Pages about Norfolk, Hooke roots and the Hooke Family Tree commenced

Spring 2018: Pages about the Eagles completed

19th March 2018: Created page for my mother, Valerie Hooke, with scripts of eulogy, memories etc. from her funeral on 26th January 2018.

November 2017: Site recovery by Siteground after it disappeared. Automatic backup subscription taken out.

2017: Continuation of pages about Col. Cyril Hooke.

28th December 2016: Page about Sir William Farren's background and school added, using information kindly shared by readers of this site.

Summer 2016: Commenced pages about my grandfather, Cyril Hooke, and how he won the Military Cross.

30th December 2015: Pages about Sir William Farren are almost complete, just a few small additions to be made.

30th September 2015: My father, George Hooke, died on 15th September and his funeral was held on 28th September. The funeral service details, eulogy and visual presentations can be accessed via the photo or from the "Hooke History" menu.

12th October 2014:  Pages about Great Aunt Mildred Hooke / Lady Farren are almost complete, just letters transcripts to finish off, and pages about Sir William Farren have begun. Once these are finished, I plan to tell the story of my Grandfatther, Cyril Hooke and the inimitable Granny Hooke who was the last survivor of this generation. 

21st September 2014: I have almost completed many pages of articles, photographs and information about my great Grandfather and his wife: George & Ellen Hooke. Go to the Hooke History tab and click on George & Ellen Hooke as the best starting point. There are web-links in each article which will take you directly to the same place as the menu tabs and you'll get them in a better context this way.

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