Rev Sam Hooke Photo WEBRev Samuel Hooke died suddenly in 1906 at the Rectory in Clopton, Suffolk after three years of angina pectoris. He had been Rector since 1879 and was also the Rural Dean. He was known in the Hooke family as Uncle Sam.

Below the photos is a slideshow of his will. 

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Highlights of the Will

Samuel made his second nephew, George Archer Hooke, one of his executors, rather than George's older brother Henry or his younger siblings, none of whom were beneficiaries. The other executor was Henry Barnes Mendham, described as his faithful servant.

List of bequests of the Will dated 10th October, 1903.

George Archer Hooke: £50, a presentation clock given to Samuel by Yarmouth friends and the residue of the estate after specific legacies had been fulfilled. This would be divided between George's five children if he predeceased Samuel.

William Hooke (William the fourth - son of Samuel's brother Wlliam): a presentation watch and chain.

Henry Barnes Mendham: his lght brown coloured chiffonies and the six chairs to match.

George & Henry: shares in the Great Eastern Railway Company but with all dividends, interest and income accruing to Henry Mendham for life.

Alice Elizabeth Clarke Mendham (wife of Henry Mendham): £30

Clopton infoGodchild, Arthur Holman Hooke: £50

Godson, Frederick Crapnell: £10

Harriett Hooke, sister-in-law: £100

Servants for longer than 2 years:1 year's wages.


Codicil, 22nd January 1904

Legacy to servants revoked and replaced with:

£10 to whoever was his groom for more than 2 years, otherwise £5.

£8 to whoever was his housmaid for more than 2 years, otherwise £5.

Probate was granted on 10th July 1906

Gross Value of the Estate

£1,210-11-8 with Estate Duty of £20-0-6 at the rate of 2%.

Right:   Late 19th century description of Clopton with references to Rev Samuel Hooke and his servant, Henry Barnes Mendham who was the Parish Clerk.


Samuel's funeral card indicating that, despite his heart condition,  his death was sudden and unexpected. How fitting that his final sermons were based on the texts, "Well done good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25.21) and "Go on to perfection." (Hebrews 6.1).


William & Harriett Hooke

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