Sir-Ralph-Oakden-Portrait-adj-WEBSir Ralph Oakden OBE (1871 - 1953)

Sir Ralph & Lady Rosa Oakden were parents to my Grandma Hooke, Elaine, married to Col Cyril Hooke (son of George Archer Hooke) in February 1926 in India, where he was in the British Army and Sir Ralph was high up in the Indian Civil Service.

Sir Ralph was one in a long line of Ralph Oakdens who date back to at least the 18th century  to a place called Waterfall Staffordshire. During the 19th century our branch of the Oakden family tree established themselves in Goudhurst, Kent.

Sir Ralph's father, Roger Oakden, was a vicar, and well-loved by the parishioners of his first charge in Sutton Maddock, as demonstrated by this large card (48cm x 36cm) presented to him on his departure after 17 years serving them. (transcript below)Card-of-Thanks-from-Churchweb














Sir Ralph's father, Rev Roger Oakden MA(1846-1915) 

















To the Reverend Roger Oakden MA

We the undersigned, Parishioners of Sutton Maddock, having heard that it is your intention shortly to resign the Charge of this Parish are anxious to approach you with the expression of our deep regret at the severance of the ties which have existed between us for the long period of seventeen years. In all these years you have been to us a faithful Minister of the Gospel of Christ; “in all things showing yourself a pattern of good works; in Doctrine showing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity”.

We have found you a kind and sympathizing Friend, ready to share in our sorrows, and our joys. We have regarded you as a wise Counsellor, and a generous helper in all our difficulties. We know well how mindful you have been of the wants of your poorer neighbours and how prompt to relieve them to the utmost of your power.

It is our earnest, Prayer that the Blessing of God may rest upon you and Mrs Oakden and your Family. Wherever your lot may be cast, be assured of this; you will never be forgotten by

Your grateful and affectionate Friends

Thomas Nock, Edward Nock, R R Lawler? J R G Smith, ?? Farmer Jones, A E Mausell, T A Wilson, And 65 others.


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