There are various family trees in the archive, with some discrepancies. I think the most accurate on is the one linked here: Oakden Family Tree.

The following two trees, one typed and one hand-written, from 1728 onwards, are largely confirmed as accurate but may be missing one daughter of Ralph & Sarah.

After that is a family tree drawn up of earlier generations of Oakdens from 1603, offered by a Mr Billing who I think is another Oakden descendant. John Hooke compared this with the Hooke family research and has marked and explained the differences.

Finally, following the Billing version, are two pages of John Hooke's version of the Oakden family tree from 1603 with many interesting notes. I have used these notes in compiling the history of the Oakdens of Lee House on the next page of research, as follows:

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Oakden Family Tree from 1728 WEB

Oakdens of Waterhouses Family Tree 1719 onwards combined WEBOakden Family Tree from Mr Billing showing differences WEB

Oakden Family Tree 1603 onwards More Info p1 WEBOakden Family Tree 1603 onwards More Info p2 WEB

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